Our Security Strategy


You are in the best hands with F1Cryptos. We always maintain the utmost security measures.


F1Cryptos takes a comprehensive approach to security. Our security measures cover:

Coin storage

Client Account Security

Client Asset Protections

Coin Storage

All new deposits go directly to cold wallets, with complete isolation from any online system.
Sweeps are performed multiple times a day
All wallets are encrypted.

Client Account Security

Two-factor authentication is available for account login and funding, trading, and actions.

A separate two-factor authentication channel (Master Key) can be enabled for highly secure account recovery.

Isolated, highly secure system for uploading account verification documents.

All sensitive account information, including verification documents, is encrypted and access to multiple highly secure systems is required to decrypt it.

Global settings lock that can be enabled to prevent tampering of user account information, including withdrawal addresses, by an attacker who has gained access to the account.

Client Asset Protection Measures

Customer funds reside in a bank account separate from our operations account, and fees are transferred on a daily basis.
Customer funds cannot be borrowed to fund operations, nor can they be lent, even for margin trading on our own platform.